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An authorization card and pre-paid return envelope will be mailed directly to you.

To get to an election as soon as possible, please take the time to fill out the form. We will promptly mail you an authorization card and a return envelope with pre-paid postage for your convenience.

It has recently come to our attention that, despite federal law allowing for electronic authorization signatures, the Ohio State Employment Relations Board (SERB) will deny their use in Ohio. The Ohio SERB’s decision regarding the use of electronic signatures is an unfortunate and antiquated one. Federal law allows for the use of electronic authorization signatures and, as a result, thousands of workers around the country have been able to use them in their efforts to form a union. If any of your co-workers have already submitted an electronic authorization card, encourage them to provide a physical/hard signature as well.Therefore, we have began a push to get “hard” signatures. This is to ensure that when we file for a secret-ballot Union election, there are no roadblocks put in our way.

As a reminder, once a supermajority of PCA’s sign authorization cards we will file for a union election with the state of Ohio.

With a union, we’ll have:

·         Negotiated wages

·         Negotiated workplace policy

·         Transparency and fairness  

Without a union, our bosses dictate our working conditions and can change them on a whim any time they want.

*DUES: Dues are a regular payment from members that fund their union. They finance essential union operations like contract negotiations and enforcement, organizing, and member-driven programs. Your dues structure is set at $45.00 once a month, broken down into pay period installments: For IRPs, dues will be $22.50/month.

Dues are not required until this group has negotiated the benefits and receives the protections a union contract provides by voting to accept the first contract.